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by Street Cleaner



One of the greatest honors I’ve had in my career is the privilege of working with artists and musicians that I admire.

Courser (Ace Buchannon Remix)

When I first heard Ace Buchannon I was instantly met with a wave of imposter syndrome. Here is a guy who seemed to appear out of nowhere and was already THE BEST synthwave producer I’ve ever heard. There was no way I would ever be as good as Ace. I always brought “Buns of Steel” with me when I was DJing no matter what kind of night it was, Buns of Steel is mandatory listening. Needless to say, having one of my songs get the Ace Buchannon treatment is a definite highpoint in Street Cleaner history. One thing is certain, I will get to Finland some day and share the stage with Ace.


In This Together (Watch Out For Snakes Remix)

I met Watch Out For Snakes a few years back when we shared a stage in Los Angeles. It was great to meet someone who had such an admiration for classic gaming as I did, if not moreso. Over the years WofS and I teamed up on multiple live events and, did ya know, there is a WofS poster in the background of “Street Cleaner: The Video Game” see if you can find it.
I am truly honored to have WofS remix a Street Cleaner track and even more honored to have him as a friend. I guarantee to you reading, you have a lot to look forward to with the WofS/Street Cleaner combo.


Legacy System (Volkor X Remix)

If you’re reading this, there is 100% chance that you’re already very familiar with Volkor X. If not, stop what you’re doing and go listen to Volkor X now! It’s okay, I’ll wait..
Volkor X undoubtedly changed the darksynth landscape with the album “This Means War”. A shockwave that synthwave/darksynth fans have yet to recover from. Volkor X just released the 5th year anniversary remix album titled “This Means More War” featuring yours truly, Street Cleaner. (Fun fact: Volkor X did the complete French language translation for “Street Cleaner: The Video Game”) If you haven't already, follow Volkor X now!


Control (Cogex Remix)

I met Cogex via Protector 101. While opening for P101 in Oxnard CA, I was not prepared for what was to come. During his set, P101 begun playing a track that I’d later learn was titled “Fight (Protector 101 Remix)”. This hulking warbeast man machine took to stage and absolutely changed everything I knew about live electronic music performances. One man, One microphone, and one Boss MT-2 pedal. That’s all this guy needed to whip the whole place into the most energetic frenzy I had ever seen at a show like this. I was completely enamored with this COGEX person and I give him full credit for inspiring me to step up my live performances. I am extremely lucky to call both Cogex and Protector 101 two of my greatest friends. Please, you owe it to yourself to deep dive into Cogex’s vast body of works. History will remember him as one of the greats.


Berserker Class Behemoth WarMech (Big Time Kill Remix)

On a cold November night (2019) in Boston MA, Protector 101 and myself were halfway through an East Coast/Midwest tour when we started loading in to the strangest venue I have ever played. A 30ft by 30ft room 3 stories above a chinese food restaurant, ornately decorated to the rafters with red and gold. But this wasn’t the most surprising thing of the night, the local act was. Big Time Kill absolutely slayed! Somehow this act had made it under my radar and proved to be a real hard act to follow. Big Time Kill is carving themself a specific slice of the industrial music pie, concreting themselves as a very important act that is keeping the core soul and roots of industrial rock alive. With a surprising pedigree of collaborations and achievements, it’s only a matter of time before I’m begging them to let me open for them on tour.


Photography by Jerry Herrera
Logo by Andrew Tremblay
Design by Brooks Bishop

Tracks 1, 2, and 3 are remixes of songs featured in “Street Cleaner: The Video Game” by Creaky Lantern Games

Special Thanks to Jerry Herrera for helping me put this all together like the heist movie that it ended up being. You’re an invaluable friend and an amazing artist.


released September 13, 2021


all rights reserved



Street Cleaner San Diego, California

Street Cleaner’s theatrical and grimey take on synth music set him apart from the throng and designated him the progenitor of his own genre: "Crimewave." Street Cleaner has multiple tours under his belt choosing a Keytar as his weapon and has composed music for multiple films, video games, amusement parks, and co-founded Creaky Lantern Games, developer of Street Cleaner: The Video Game. ... more

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